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"Handsome Harry"

Greetings all!

As a memorial for my recently departed German Shepherd I wanted to share some information with all of you about the importance of pet adoption. 

Whether you and your family decide to go with the Southern California German Shepherd Rescue or with another one of the local rescues, Centre City Properties would like to encourage the importance of rescuing versus purchasing.

There are so many four-legged friends out there in desperate need of a loving forever home. Unfortunately many shelters must tragically euthanize animals due to overcrowding. One great way to help is by adopting your new four legged family member from shelters. This not only rescues your new friend, but it also allows a space for an animal who might have otherwise been euthanized. There are many reputable breeders out there with great animals, but sadly there are a great deal more irresponsible breeders, and adoption is a significantly less expensive than purchasing from a breeder.

As one who has always had rescues some non-specific breeds and some specific like my last wonderful German Shepherd "Handsome Harry", I truly believe that the rescued animal knows and shows incredible appreciation and love. Additionally the rescue groups and organizations like the San Diego Humane Society and many others have screened the animals and can give you specifics about the animal's temperament, training, and what type of home they will do best in.

If you want a specific breed, there are many notable breed specific rescues-like the Southern California German Shepherd Rescue.

If you are looking into adding a four-legged companion to your family, please give this informative article a read. I wish you the best of luck in finding that perfect animal match for you and your family.

Click here or on the link below for more information on Pet Adoption versus Breeders.

Top 5 Reasons to Adopt a Pet: 

In Loving Memory of Handsome Harry 


Handsome Harry Cover Boy
Handsome Harry was the San Diego Humane Society's 2014 Calendar Cover Boy


Southern California German Shepherd Rescue

Handsome Harry was a rescue from the Southern California German Shepherd Rescue.

Handsome HarryHandsome Harry in the San Diego Humane Society's magazine.

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